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This is an except from the book Empath: A Complete Survival Guide by Diana M. Young and narrated by Lillian Brown. This title is available for purchase on

This action-packed scene involves is a ballet dancer having her big moment on stage. It includes male and female dialog. The male voice is towards the end of the clip.

This children's story features multiple male and female voices of differing ages: a mother, a teacher, two young children, and a coach.

Narration Rates & Samples
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Lillian Brown is an engaging audiobook narrator and actress from Las Vegas, NV. If you would like to hire her, she is available for either Royalty Share Plus or $100-$200 PFH. Some of her recent audiobook credits include: Narcissistic Abuse: A Spiritual Path to Surviving and Healing After Psychological Abuse By Diana M. Young (2019) EMPATH: A Complete Survival Guide on how to Control and Develop your Gift, Finding your Sense of Self for Sensitive People By Diana M. Young (2020)

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